Special Happenings

The Cobblestone Farmers Market is not only a place to purchase good, clean, fair food but it is also a place to connect with your community. Make the market your Saturday morning destination and allow time to sit and listen to the featured musicians, stop by the community booth to learn something new or participate in the occasional special event taking place at market.

This year we’ll continue hosting an extra booth at the market where we are showcasing authors, organizations and other fabulous folks from within our community who will rotate with our very own vendors to inspire and inform you each week! Please let us know if there is a topic you are dying to know more about and we will try to get someone to share their experience with you. Check back for our 2017 Outdoor Market guests!

Grab a seat at a picnic table in the sun or in the shade and enjoy the sounds from our Market stage! The schedule for our 2017 Outdoor Market musical guests will be posted soon!



8 – Laura Frasier (CB), Barrie Howard (M)
15 – Piedmont Environmental Alliance (CB), Andrew Kasab (M)
22 – Emery Pike (M)
29 – Dover Vineyards (CB), Del Guthrie (M)


6 – Laura Frasier (CB), Yadkin Riverkeepers (CB), Barrie Howard (M)
13 – MAKER DAY, Nic Croucher (M)
20 – Emery Pike (M)
27 – Del Guthrie (M)


3 – Laura Frasier (CB), Barrie Howard (M)
10 – Yadkin Riverkeepers (CB)
17 – Del Guthrie (M)
24 – Emery Pike (M)


1 – Laura Frasier (CB), Barrie Howard (M)
8 – TBA
15 – Nic Croucher (M)
22 – Emery Pike (M)
29 – Dover Vineyards (CB), Del Guthrie (M)


5 – Laura Frasier (CB), Barrie Howard (M)
12 – Nic Croucher (M)
19 – Emery Pike (M)
26 – Del Guthrie (M)


2 – Laura Frasier (CB), Barrie Howard (M)
9 – Nic Croucher (M)
16 – Andrew Kasab (M)
23 – Emery Pike (M)
30 – Del Guthrie (M)


7 – Laura Frasier (CB), Barrie Howard (M)
14 – TBA
21 – Emery Pike (M)
28 – Del Guthrie (M)


4 – Laura Frasier (CB), Barrie Howard (M)
11 – Dover Vineyards (CB), Del Guthrie (M)
18 – Nic Croucher (M)


May 13: Maker Day