About Us

The Cobblestone Farmers Market traces its origins to the weekday Krankies Farmers Market and the Triad Buying Co-op. In 2012, Margaret Norfleet-Neff and Salem Neff expanded the market scope with the founding of the Old Salem Cobblestone Farmers Market, awarded by U.S. News and World Report as one of “America’s Best Farmers’ Markets.” Cobblestone Farmers Market  is an independent project of Beta Verde, LLC, under the fiscal sponsorship of Winston-Salem Foundation. Cobblestone Farmers Market is funded through vendor fees, personal contributions and grants.

Cobblestone Farmers Market, located in Winston-Salem, NC, is a fully vetted, sustainable, producer-only farmers market offering customers the guarantee that all vendors meet the sustainable, naturally-grown and humane practices required by the market. All beef, lamb and pork products are certified Animal Welfare Approved, which has the most rigorous standards for animal welfare in the U.S. Humane, safe and healthy farming and food preparation are at at the center of the vendor review process. For value added products, local and sustainably produced ingredients are strongly preferred, and where possible, ingredients should be grown by the vendor (e.g. pickles, jams, etc., but not necessarily baked goods).

Cobblestone Farmers Market strives to provide a safe and socially congenial marketplace for both customers and vendors. Items for sale include a balanced and diverse mix of products whose demeanor and presentation are positive, fair and friendly, and whose production and marketing practices minimize waste. Cobblestone Farmers Market strategically nurtures and grows the marketplace through careful oversight of the number of annually accepted vendors selling similar products, and continually looks for niche products so that vendors have every opportunity to be successful in sales. This intentional curation of products assures that customers consistently have a wide variety of product to choose from.

Cobblestone Farmers Market Team

Margaret Norfleet Neff, Co-Founder
Salem Neff, Co-Founder
Misty Gabriel, Farmer Foodshare Lead Coordinator / Volunteer
Ariana Ayuso, Market Manager