Year End Ask

December 27, 2018

As we ring in the new year, one full of hope and prosperity, it is with thanks to ALL of you for helping GROW Cobblestone Farmers Market. Your support GROWS our producers’ businesses which GROWS greater access to fresh, sustainably produced food in our area as well as all of the Saturday morning community spirit!         

        Thank you for GROWING with us, as we continue to expand the access of good food in the core of Forsyth County, by being fantastic customers, purchasing Cobblestone merchandise, and making direct donations in the wooden bucket to the food access program. With our ‘almost’ year-round market, we provide additional opportunities for producers to invest in year-round production with guaranteed places to sell, completing the loop for continued access to fresh food at a farmers market in the core of our city.
        Please consider a YEAR END gift to support Cobblestone’s growth outside of our Saturday market, December PopUps, and Winter Market to build up the summer market on Highland Avenue and work directly with the city to expand the overall use of SNAP/EBT for fresh food at these markets.

With appreciation, we wish you and yours a most joyous NEW YEAR!

Margaret, Salem, Ariana and Misty

Winter Market Opens on January 19