Fading to Fall Slowly

September 8, 2018



Augustino Gusto
Fresh Baked European inspired pastries –
Quiche, Gallettes, Tortes, and More!

Billy Place Farm
Sweet grass fed lamb (lots of cuts). French racks, loin chops, whole leg, whole shoulder, ground and lots more. Sunflowers are back this week. Red and green okra, shishitos, lots of sweet peppers and summer squash.
Borrowed Land Farm
Fresh gourmet mushrooms including oyster mushrooms, lion’s mane and pioppini. And grow your own mushroom kits! 
Buck Creek Farm
Chicken Sausage (apple brats, sweet Italian and regular chicken sausage), Chicken Bone Broth, Chicken cuts and Prepared Chicken Meals
Buffalo Creek Farm & Creamery, LLC
Natural and flavored Chevres, including 3-Chevre Samplers, Raw Milk Aged cheese (Rock House, Saura, St. Philip’s and Drunken Goat), savory Farmer’s cheese, Queso Fresco and Feta (both brined and marinated). 
Camino Bakery
Beautiful fresh baked goods galore, varieties of loafed bread, cookies, sandwiches, and more!
Chad’s Chai & Tea Co.
Vanilla Green Tea Latte. It’s 100% vegan and organic and DELICIOUS. I’ve included a couple pictures and you can pick whichever fits/looks best in the newsletter.
Chef Sharp
Chef Sharp returns to the market this week! Sharpening knives, scissors, hand pruners and more. Ya’ll come by and Hi.
Fair Share Farm, LLC
Lettuce, Microgreens, Beets, and Kale
FarmGirl Arts
Homegrown wool sculptures, Yarns, Knitted items and other Handmade woolies
Burgundy okra, shishito and jimmy nardello peppers, white half runner beans, and fresh batches of farm egg pastas… 5 cheese ravioli, tagliatelle and capellini.
Felsbeck Farm
Ripe, sweet persimmons, pears, and perhaps paw-paws, else apples, all never have known sprays of any kind.
Red Kimchi, White Kimchi, Green Kraut, Purple Kraut, Beetiful Curtido, Chowhound Kraut, and Trifecta Kraut
Foggy Mountain Pasta
Saffron returns? Come by to see. Let your thoughts on the taste be known. Limited supply. 
Gnomestead Hollow
Reishi Iced Tea – Suhthuhn-style, Lactofermented Sour pickles – “Papi Gnome’s Pickles”, Curry Kraut, Royal Curtido Kraut, Sauerruben kraut, Lactofermented Green tomato pickles, Chanterelles, Chicken of the Woods, Lion’s Mane, Blue and Golden Oysters, Shiitake, Pioppino
Harmony Ridge Farm
Sugar Queen Cantaloupes, Watermelons, Cherry and Heirloom Tomatoes along with a new selection of pastured beef, pork and duck.
Heritage Harvest Farm
Heirloom + Organic Pumpkin Patch Preview with gorgeous culinary & decorative varieties (reserve early), Reishi Wellness Honey, Cut-Comb Honey (limited supply!), Creamed + Raw Honey, Fresh Mushrooms and Farm Flowers.
Krankies Coffee
Apple hand pies, Biscuits w/ Raspberry Jam, Cream Cheese & Cherry Galettes, Frangipane & Toasted Almond Galettes, Susage, Egg, & Cheese Empanadas, & Sweet Potato, and Caramelized Onion & Cotija Empanada
Lavender & Honey 
Sweet Potato Brioche, Oatmeal Pumpkin Cookie Sandwiches, Peach Pie, Vietnamese Iced Coffee Cake and much more.
Lavender Annes Herb Farm
Face Oils, Deodorant, Soap, Dry Shampoo, Lip Balm, and More!
Lil Sarah’s Bee Farm
Raw honey and bee pollen
Meadows Family Farm 
TURKEY Sign Ups. Fresh, Free-Range, Animal Welfare Approved, Heritage Turkeys for Thanksgiving. Certified Grass-fed Beef and Heritage Pork in all cuts also!
Mighty Tendril Farm
Fresh flower bouquets, sunflowers, Dahlias, and more!
Myers Mushrooms
Fresh and Dry Shitake Mushrooms and Eggs 
Niki’s Pickles 
All the pickled goodness
FRESH pasture-raised chicken, and grass-fed beef and pork just back from the butcher.  Taking reservations for Thanksgiving turkeys and bulk beef sales (half cow, quarter cow…) 
Guess who’s back? Tell a friend.
Raw Fresh Pressed Lemonades!

Pascal Farm
Bitter Melon, hibiscus, Turmeric and Ginger and more!
Piemonte Farm
Farm Fresh Cows Milk Cheese, Jellies, Spices, and More!
Pioneer Farm
THICK CUT STEAKS, ribs, roasts, ground beef AND MORE!!! Stop by our booth and check out this weeks specials!
Plum Granny Farm  
Under the purple tent, it’s a plethora of peppers!  You’ll find Certified Organic super-sweet Picnic Peppers, Shishito Peppers (try a taste of our delicious chilled soup), beautiful Italian Red Peppers and MUCH MORE!
PTB Farm  
Okra, sungolds, padrone peppers and flowers. Grass fed beef and pasture pork cuts and sausages. 
Rail Fence Farm 
Okra, Tomatoes, Eggplant and Onions and Fall Transplants (Broccoli, Cabbage, Collards and Brussel Sprouts)  
Red Umbrella Honey
Raw Local Honey
River Ridge Organics
1 gallon pails of frozen blueberries and black raspberries!
Rowlands Row Farm
Melons, Crimson Sweet Watermelons, Butternut Squash, Spaghetti Squash, Lunchbox (Sweet, Mini) Peppers, Fairy Tale Eggplant, Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, and Lots more!
Sanders Ridge Farm
Becks Big Buck Okra, Italian Eggplant, and Speghetti Squash, Several varieties of our estate grown and bottled wines, and Roots Restaurant Pimento Cheese and Bacon Jam. 
Scattered Seeds Farm 
Arugula, Swiss Chard, Kale, Lettuce, and More!
Sophisticated Florals
Fresh Flowers and Plants
Sungold Farm 
Sweet Potato Greens, Yard Long Beans, Garlic and Garlic powder. 
To Your Health Bakery
Fully Loaded Southern Carrot Cake  (gf/v), Oatmeal Cream Pies (gf/v), Harvest Wraps : a medley of organic fall veggies + cheese  (v, regular), Our Famous Cinnamon Buns (we’re bringing extra, folks!!) (v, regular), and Organic Paninis: Eggplant Parmesan + Italian Pesto (v, regular)!
Up Dog Kombucha 
Fresh Kombucha on Tap!
Village Juice Company 
Fresh Pressed Juice.
PLUS check out the yummiest raw snacks!
Wholesome Country Creamery
Single Serve Ice Cream!!
Drinkable yogurt, Grass Fed Milk, Chocolate Milk, Half & Half, Kefir, Buttermilk, Butter, Goat Milk, and Goat Milk Yogurt



Farmers’ markets are an important link in the sales of agricultural products within our local food economy. Today a growing number of people want fresh, local food, OR what could be called “food less traveled.”

Consumers in growing numbers want an experience that they can not find in the grocery store. The Cobblestone Farmers’ Market provides a social outing for the customer; it is a place where friends go to shop. Customers also like the natural, open air feeling, a stark contrast to most supermarkets.

AND our Cobblestone Farmers Market vendors are constantly providing us with new products and unusual items that aren’t found at your local grocery store! Come out and truly enjoy the experience of your weekly grocery trip and grab some of the best product in Winston Salem.