Holiday Pop-Up #1

Holiday POP-UP Tomorrow!!
We are so excited to be Poppin’ UP this weekend and bringing you a wide range of delights to kickstart your holiday season! Come out and join us this weekend INSIDE from 9am-11am in the Chatham Building in downtown Winston Salem. It’s right in between A/perture and Washington Perk, across from Camino Bakery on Fourth Street!

In addition to our amazing vendors, A/perture will be joining us with a MOVIE POSTER SALE and fresh popcorn!!! Thanks A/perture! What fun!


Billy Place Farm: will have grass fed lamb, broccoli, spinach, lettuce (romaine, butterhead, red sails), carrots, collards, dikon radish, hakurei salad turnips, beets, arugula, scarlet queen turnips and swiss chard!

Chad’s Chai: will be bringing wonderful tea gifts and stocking stuffers, along with yummy hot chai!

Fair Share Farm: will have Power Mix, Micro Mix, Spinach, Mini Head Lettuce, Radishes, Kales, Collards, Fennel, and Mixed Beets!

Harmony Ridge Farm: will have a new selection of grass fed beef steaks, roasts, burger, brisket and more. Pastured pork including bacon, chops, roasts, ribs and a huge selection of sausages. Pekin duck, whole, breasts, legs, wings and more. Beets, collards, lettuce, kale, eggs, butternut, acorn and spaghetti squash!

Meadows Family Farm: will have 100% Grass-fed Angus Beef in all cuts, Free-range Heritage Pork,  and Minimally processed specialty products such as Bratwurst and BACON!!!  We’ll have a cleaning out the freezer sale with many discounted products!

Rowland’s Row Farm: will be brining broccoli, carrots, lettuce, kale, collards, sweet potatoes, cabbage, romanesco cauliflower, and of course eggs from our happy pastured chickens and ducks, and GMO free chicken in all cuts!

Sanders Ridge Farm: will have certified organic sweet spring mix lettuce, kale, spicy Asian salad/braising mix, arugula, beets and gorgeous beet greens, Swiss chard, scallion onions, parsley, sweet potatoes, our super savory kale chips, shelled pecan, and garlic. From the Vineyard we will be sampling our estate Merlot, fruity Peach Mango and our Carlos muscadine (in the 3 liter box and on sale for holiday cheer and gift giving!). From Chef John and the Sourwood Restauant at Sanders Ridge we will feature our dried tomato herb bread and smokey pimento cheese!

Sungold Farm: will have have turnips, brussel sprout greens, Jerusalem artichokes, pea tips and more!

UpDog Kombucha: will be bringing Lavender, Cranberry Spice, and Super Mint! 

To Your Health Bakery:  will have lots of fun Holiday items! Decorated Sugar Cookie gift boxes (regular and gluten free available), Gingerbread Men packs (regular and Gluten Free/Vegan available), GIANT Cinnamon Rolls (regular and vegan available), PALEO Cranberry Orange Cookie Cake and Christmas GIFT JARS filled with our Chocolate Chip Cookie mix (regular and Gluten Free/Vegan available)!

Winstead Farm: will have pastured chicken, eggs, and Caldero chicken and turkey bone broth.



Maple Balsamic Roasted Winter Vegetables

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